March 18th–22nd, 2018

New Orleans, LA

ACS National Meeting & Expo

ACS National Meetings are where chemistry professionals meet to share ideas and advance scientific and technical knowledge. By attracting thousands of chemical professionals, the meeting provides excellent opportunities for sharing your passion for chemistry, connecting with the world’s largest scientific society, and advancing your career in this ever-changing global economy. 

Past Events

October 3rd–5th, 2017

Crowne Plaza Dublin – Blanchardstown

2017 Science of Stability Conference

FreeThink Technologies, Inc. and our European partner, Cuspor Ltd. invite you to join the world’s leading stability authorities for the 3rd annual. SOS 2017 will cover the latest scientific research in the areas of stability degradation mechanisms and operations.

Previous Topics Have Included:
– Accelerated stability modeling                – Degradation mechanisms
– Stability of amorphous drug forms             – Packaging selection

Dates: Tuesday, 3 October through Thursday, 5 October 2017

Venue: Crowne Plaza Blanchardstown Town Centre Dublin – 15, Ireland

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Hilton Washington DC/Rockville Hotel & Executive Meeting Center

June 14, 2017

SOTAX Corporation – Westborough, MA

Impurities Profile Management in the Pharmaceutical Product Life Cycle

Impurities in pharmaceutical products are facts of life, and efforts to understand their origins and safety thresholds take place at every step of the product development and commercial lifecycle. From degragants in drug substance, to matrix-related impurities in drug product, to contaminants introduced in manufacturing or packaging; impurities find their way into products by many means. Identifying their source, class, structure, analytical response, potential for toxicity, requires every tool the analytical chemist can bring to bear. In addition, recent regulatory changes have placed renewed focus on extractable and leachable impurities, stability studies, and elemental impurities – and these have created even more technical challenges for the industry.

Participants in this seminar will:

  • Understand the ICH guidance and USP regulations associated with product manufacture and impurities

  • Understand basic methodology for identifying related substance vs. exogenous impurities

  • Associate impurity characterization with the product development timeline in a phase-appropriate way

  • Learn about newer analytical technologies and their impact on impurity study

  • Develop a holistic understanding of impurity management across the product development life cycle

Dates: June 14, 2017

Venue: SOTAX Corporation 2400 Computer Dr., Westborough, MA 01581, USA

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April 3rd–4th, 2017

 Hilton Washington, D.C./Rockville Hotel and Executive Meeting Center

AAPS Workshop on Stability Challenges
Not Addressed By Harmonized Guidance

Goals and Objectives

A number of stability studies are undertaken during drug development and in support of commercial distribution that are not addressed in the International Conference on Harmonisation (ICH) Quality documents. Examples include studies to assess the impact of temperature excursions during distribution, in-use stability studies to establish use periods for product after opening, holding of bulk drug substance and drug product, freeze/thaw studies for biologics, semi-solids, and liquids, microbiological quality of drug products after penetration of the container system for dose preparation prior to patient administration, photostability studies of light-sensitive products, and developing stability indicating methods for biologics. The challenges to establish meaningful studies are not only technical/scientific but also require an understanding of how products are distributed throughout the supply chain as well as the regulatory expectations for demonstrating the product is delivered to patients without any change as it may relate to the safety or effectiveness.

This interactive workshop will focus on challenges and successes of addressing stability concerns affecting real world development, manufacturing, distribution, and use of drug substances and products for which no harmonized guidance exists.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Learn from industry experts on their experience and recommendations to meet stability challenges that are not addressed by ICH stability guidelines during product development and life-cycle management.
  2. Share best practices and solutions with a network of pharmaceutical scientists who are facing similar challenges through discussion of real world examples.
  3. Engage in face-to-face discussion with members of regulatory agencies to explore opportunities to align on more effective ways to address stability concerns through science and risk-based approaches.

Who Should Attend

Experienced pharmaceutical scientists and authorities responsible for marketing authorization decisions for human medicinal products.

May 18th-19th, 2016

1743 West Nursery Road
Linthicum, MD 21090


The Pharmaceutical Industry’s Challenges and Steps toward Ensuring Drug Quality

A forum presented by Waters and sponsored by the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy.

Managing product quality factors throughout the development and post-commercialization lifecycle of the final drug product is critical to assuring patient safety. Stringent regulatory oversight and industry collaborations have improved product quality through new ICH guidelines, updated testing methods, and an emphasis on adopting new technologies. Regulatory warning letters citing data integrity and control of impurities illustrate current focal areas.

We will bring together stakeholders and key thought leaders from the all phases of the pharmaceutical industry, as well as regulatory and standard-setting agencies to discuss the expectations of delivering high quality and authentic drug products. The program will include keynote addresses from industry and regulatory leaders coupled with interactive discussions. Four primary topics will be addressed in sessions led by subject matter experts:

  •   ‘Compliance’ – Recent regulatory initiatives and their impact on industry
  •   ‘Safeguarding Quality’ – Sharing regulatory guidance interpretations and drug development tactics
  •   ‘Harmonization’ – Strategic partnerships and globalization strategies
  •   ‘Emerging Technologies’ – Identifying and deploying new approaches and process improvements

August 1st-4th, 2016

Predicting, Assessing, and Controlling Mutagenic Impurities from Degradation

56th Annual Pharmaceutical Analysis Land O’Lakes Conference, Aug 1-4, 2016.  Fluno Center, UW-Madison Campus, Madison, WI.

The Land O’ Lakes Conference on Pharmaceutical Analysis is well-recognized as one of the premier teaching conferences for employees of the pharmaceutical industry.  Attendees are primarily from the pharmaceutical industry (worldwide) but also include those affiliated with governmental agencies as well as academia.

In this conference, attendees will be able to:

  • Understand the intent and criteria of the ICH M7 Guideline on the assessment and control of DNA reactive impurities
  • Learn about the most recent advances in the detection of low level impurities in pharmaceutical formulations and active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • Hear from industry and excipient suppliers on the testing of products and excipients for metals and gain understanding of the ICH Q3D guidance on elemental impurities
  • Listen to experts discuss challenges in the fields of extractables and leachables, extraneous matter, and quality metrics
  • Discuss challenges that companies have had in filing products in global markets with industry experts

October 25th, 2015

AAPS National Meeting:  “Assessment and Control of Mutagenic Impurities In Pharmaceutical Products – Implementation of ICH M7 Guideline”

Short Course Session, Sunday, October 25, 2015 from 8:00 am – 04:00 pm at the 2015 AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition.

AAPSPresentation by Steve Baertschi will be given at the short course, entitled: “Mutagenic Degradation Products: Risk Assessment and Control”.

October 12th-14th, 2015

The Science of Stability Conference

Establishing and improving the shelf-life of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and other consumer goods is critical for taking product development to the next level.

Despite this, fundamental aspects of Stability Science still remain mysterious to many. Join us to learn about the very latest findings from Industry and Academia.

While most Stability Conferences focus on regulations and requirements; here at SOS-2015 “It’s all about the Science.”

For more information about the program, see

October 5th – 7th, 2015

aps_logoAPS Photostability 2015

About the APS National Meeting

In this International Year of Light 2015, the APS is particularly pleased to be presenting this event, which will comprise a one-day workshop and a two-day conference.

The course will be suitable for those who are new to the topic of pharmaceutical photostability and photostability testing and also for those who wish to brush up on the basic concepts prior to the PPS’015 conference that will follow it.

The course will cover the following topics and will include opportunities to discuss the application of the concepts presented to the attendees own situations and also to network with practitioners in the field

  • Fundamentals of Photochemistry
  • Kinetics and Mechanisms of Photodegradation
  • Practical exercise to cement concepts led by experts in the field
  • The ICH guideline on Photostability testing and sample presentation
  • Requirements of Irradiation Chambers
  • Measurement of Light: Radiometry, Photometry, Actinometry
  • The impact of excipients and packaging components on photostability
  • Photostabilisation of drugs

The business of the day will conclude with a ‘brains trust’ where participants can bring issues to a panel of experts in the field. This will be followed by a drinks reception for all participants of course and conference.

The course will be presented by a panel of experts in the field of photostability and photostability testing from both academia and industry including Prof Hanne Tønnesen, Dr Steve Baertschi, Dr Allen Templeton, Dr Gregory Sluggett, David Clapham and Dr Leonardo Allain.

The conference will consist of four ½ day sessions focused on specific aspects of the field with a mix of invited speakers and submitted presentations supported by a poster session.  These sessions will allow an in depth consideration of each topic.  In addition each day will include a breakout session facilitated by an expert leader where delegates can provide input to various topics that require discussion by the photochemistry/photostability community.

 For more information about the program, see

August 16th – 20th, 2015

UnknownACS National Meeting

Presentation by Steve Baertschi to be given August 16-20 at the National Meeting of the American Chemical Society, Boston, MA. Predictability of forced degradation studies for real world stability.  1:30 pm, Aug 16th, in the ANYL Symposium: Forced Degradations in Pharmaceutical Industry; Pacific Ballroom F, Renaissance Boston Waterfront.

AAPS Live Webinar:  “Shining some Light into Photostability Studies”

Thursday, April 9, 2015 12:30 pm–2:00 pm EDT

 “Webinar was recently highlighted in the AAPS Newsmagazine July 2015 edition, p. 20-21, “Filling Gaps in Photostability Guidelines”.  An archived version of the webinar can be accessed at:”

AAPS Article 2