Degradation Predictions

Humidity-corrected Arrhenius Model: ASAP prime

ASAP or Accelerated Stability Assessment Program allows users to predict drug product and drug substance shelf–life quickly and accurately. ASAPprime® software represents a significant scientific advance versus the “old-fashioned” ICH methodology. Standard ICH analyses typically require two to six months of laboratory data collection and use a linear extrapolation of data derived from a very narrow range of temperatures. – See more at:

Chemical Degradation Pathways: Zeneth

Zeneth is an expert, knowledge-based chemical degradation software that gives you accurate forced degradation degradation pathway predictions quickly. Zeneth is the perfect cost-effective solution for scientists who need to understand the forced degradation pathways of organic compounds.


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Photostability / Photochemistry / Photobiology

Photobiological Sciences Online

The American Society for Photobiology promotes research in photobiology, integration of different photobiology disciplines, dissemination of photobiology knowledge, and provides information on photobiological aspects of national and international issues. Membership entitles you to many benefits, among them online access to the journal Photochemistry and Photobiology. 


This excellent resource provides you with online information on a broad array of photobiological and photochemistry topics.  PSO continues to grow and become updated as individual modules are written and revised by experts in the field.

American Society for Photobiology


Atlas Material Testing Technology

Weathering instruments; worldwide technical support; natural and accelerated weathering sites offering indoor and outdoor testing services; custom lighting systems and consulting expertise.


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Pharma Form Finders

Pharma Form Finders, LLC.

Pharma Form Finders offers consultation in numerous areas of pharmaceutical sciences.  These services may range from oversight of the screening for the optimal form for your API or pharmaceutical product by searching its “solid-form landscape” for physical forms by screening for salts, co-crystals, and amorphous forms.  Services also include oversight of the collection and interpretation of characterization data and chemical and physical stability (polymorphic, hydrate, or disproportionation/dissociation) data leading to the optimal physical form selection for your product’s presentation.

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